How To Calculate My Personal Loan | How Personal Loan Is Calculated? 2022

Personal loans are a need for many people, and it’s essential to choose wisely. What else should you keep in mind besides the lender’s reputation when evaluating personal loans?

You need to know how a personal loan is calculated before applying for one. Borrowers should think carefully about the interest rate and monthly payment before applying for a loan.

Knowing how much money you’ll need to borrow from a particular lender and if you can afford the monthly payment is essential.

How Is Personal Loan Amount Calculated?

How Personal Loan Is Calculated

Any loan may be estimated by calculating the interest (amortization or installment) or monthly payments (also known as amortization or repayment).

According to your needs, the type of computations you should make will vary widely.

Calculating the interest on a personal loan, for example, will tell you how much a loan from a particular lender would cost you. Borrowing gets more expensive the higher the interest rate you’ll pay.

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On the other hand, the monthly payments are an essential consideration if you want to know whether you can afford a loan. Calculating the monthly payment helps determine if your monthly budget can handle the loan repayments.

What Is Personal Loan Interest?

To borrow money, you must pay a fee known as interest. An additional monthly payment you make on top of your loan’s principal is known as a principal amortization payment (PMP).

The interest paid by the borrower is the cost of borrowing money for the lender. For the lender, it’s the money they make by loaning money to the borrower.

Three main elements determine the amount of money you pay in interest on a personal loan: principle, loan term, and interest rate.

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  • Loan principle refers to the sum of money a lender lends to you. With a higher principle, you’ll pay more interest.
  • Loan term or tenor refers to the time you have to pay back your loan in full. It’s most common to think of months and years as the units of time. Longer loan terms result in cheaper monthly payments but more significant interest costs throughout the life of the loan. There is a tradeoff between cheaper interest payments over the long term and higher monthly payments with shorter durations.
  • Interest rate refers to the percentage of the principle that the lender charges the borrower as interest. Borrowing money becomes more expensive as the rate rises.

How To Calculate Interest Rate On A Loan With Example?

How To Calculate My Personal Loan

An online loan calculator is a fastest and most accurate method for calculating interest. If you’d like to do it by hand, here’s a formula for calculating personal loan interest.

Int. = (Annual interest rate ÷ Number of payments) x Loan balance

Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculations

  1. Divide the interest rate and multiply it by the number of repayments you plan to make throughout the loan’s duration. Suppose your loan period is two years, and you’ll be making monthly payments; divide the interest rate by 24 to get your monthly payment.
  2. Multiply the result by the remaining balance of the loan. 3. During the initial repayment, all of the principal is due.
  3. You can use this figure to calculate the interest you’ll have to pay for the current month.

An Example of Calculating the Interest on a Personal Loan

Here’s how to calculate personal loan interest for a loan with the following attributes as an example. a

  • Loan amount: INR 200,000
  • Loan term: 24 months
  • Interest rate: 10% per annum
Interest on a personal loan: (0.10 ÷ 24) x 200,000 = 833.33 INR

Thus, your interest payment for the first month of repayment will be 833.33 INR.

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How To Calculate Monthly Loan Payments With Example?

If you want to calculate your monthly loan payment by hand, here is the formula:

Monthly payment = a ÷ {[(1 + r)^n]-1} ÷ [r(1+r)^n]

As before, here are the components that make up the monthly payment:

  • a: Loan amount (INR 200,000)
  • r: Annual interest rate divided by 12 monthly payments per year (0.10 ÷ 12 = 0.0083)
  • n: Total number of monthly payments (24)
Monthly payment = 200,000 ÷ {[(1 + 0.0083)^24]-1} ÷ [0.0083(1+0.0083)^24]

Instead of manually calculating your monthly payment, why not use our convenient online calculator?

If you’re not a math genius, figuring out how much you’ll pay each month on loan might be a challenge. Using a personal loan calculator might save you time and stress.

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How Much Does a Personal Loan Cost?

Borrowers must make regular monthly payments until their debt is paid off, referred to as an “amortization” or “monthly installment.”

The interest on the loan and the principal amount are both covered by the monthly installments.

How Loan Calculators Do Their Thing?

Using loan calculators, you can see how much you may borrow depending on your monthly income or how much you’ll have to pay back each month based on the loan amount and period you select.

Enter your desired loan amount and payback duration into the loan calculator, and the calculator will automatically calculate your monthly payment and the maximum loan amount you are eligible for. It’s that simple.

How To Use A Loan Calculator For Your Use?

Do you want to figure out how much you owe on a credit card? Go to the bank’s website and check for its loan calculator. Using a personal loan calculator to figure out your monthly installments is simple.

  1. Specify a loan amount that you’re comfortable with. Consider the bank’s lending limit before deciding to apply for a loan.
  2. Decide on a payment schedule (the number of months you can pay off your loan).
  3. Once you’ve entered all of the information, click Submit, Compute, or Calculate to produce the amortization.


Personal loans are easy to compute, as you can see from this example. A personal loan’s interest rate and monthly payment are calculated similarly.

You may use the bank’s loan calculator online. However, keep in mind that findings from online personal calculators are merely estimations.

When approved for a personal loan, the lender will provide you with the actual computation and final loan amount.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is personal loan based on salary?

No, it is not mandatory. Even salaried, self-employed, and businessmen can apply for a personal loan.

What is the formula to calculate loan?

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1], use this formula to calculate your loan. Where, P stands for Principle, R for Rate, and N for the time in months.

What is the best personal loan in India?

The different bank has their own policy and every bank has a different rate of charge and which vary season to season. But, it has been seen till now, that SBI has a lower rate of interest of between 9.60% to 13.85%.

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