How to get ration from PM Modi scheme in Delhi?

How to get ration from Modi scheme in Delhi? Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and Priority Households (PHH) people would be able to apply for the plan, which will be available to families who aren’t making enough money to pay for their food. Under the National Food Security (NFS) Act 2013, people who are migrant workers, … Read more

Who Set LPG Gas Cylinder Prices In India, Central Govt. or State Govt?

Who Controls LPG Price In India? The Indian government has complete control over the price of LPG, and state-owned oil companies set the price of LPG in India. The country’s government puts the cost every month, changing every month. An LPG connection is usually found in almost all Indian homes, and most people use it … Read more

Difference Between Modi Government And Congress Government (2022 Analysis)

Dr. Manmohan Singh was the last Prime Minister of India, and now Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. From 2004 to 2013, he led the country when he was prime minister. When Indian PM Modi took office in 2014, he was already in charge. Both of them have done a great job with their jobs … Read more

13 Benefits Of Entrepreneurs From Government And Non-Government Agencies.

Startups are becoming more popular in India. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs grow via innovation and technology. A startup is a nascent company founded by one or more entrepreneurs to produce and promote a unique product or service to the general public. The typical startup is, by definition, a “limited budget” operation, with the … Read more

E-Sharam: Government Credit ₹1000 In Your Bank Account, How To Check?


If you are registered yourself for e-Sharam, be attention. I have good news for you. Your bank account is credit with ₹1000. If you are receptionist, clerk, operator, worker, migrants, belongs to lower class family. Also, if you are not the registered members of ESIC, or EPFO and you are registered yourself for e-Sharam, go … Read more