E-Sharam: Government Credit ₹1000 In Your Bank Account, How To Check?

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If you are registered yourself for e-Sharam, be attention. I have good news for you. Your bank account is credit with ₹1000. If you are receptionist, clerk, operator, worker, migrants, belongs to lower class family. Also, if you are not the registered members of ESIC, or EPFO and you are registered yourself for e-Sharam, go and check your bank account now. Because Uttar Pradesh government (Yogi Government) credited 1000 Rs each and every e-Sharam card holder. Yogi Government credited ₹1000 more than 1.50 Crore registered users.

4 months ago, Modi Government launched e-Sharam portal for poor and lower-class category people. Now, the total number of registered people is increased more than 19.24 crore as per recent record.

Uttar Pradesh Crossed 7 Crore Registrations.

When the Yogi Government accounted, he will credit 500 Rs in each and every lower class people’s bank account. The tremendous number of users had been registered in e-Sharam portal. This Monday Government credit ₹1000 in their bank account. So if you are from UP and registered yourself for e-Sharam, go and check your bank account balance now.

As per the record, total number of registered users in UP become the first state with more than 7.01 Crore. Uttar Pradesh become the first state, standing with 7.01 crore registered users in e-Sharam portal.

Second is West Bengal with 2.37 crore, third is Bihar and forth is Orrisa. If we discuss about record, Prayagraj has more than 19.75 lakh registered users, Jainpur has 18.58 Laks users. Rest, Sitapur is standing at third position, Bareli is standing with forth, Lakhimpur is standing with Fifth, Gorakhpur is sixth, Hardoi is seventh, Azamgarh Eighth, Agra is nineth and Pratpgrah is tenth position.

Till now if you are not registered yourself for e-Sharam registered now, if you belong to the categories as Modi government mention in their e-Sharam portal. Still only 61.43% people registered itself for e-Sharam. As per the record maximum number of registered are the age between of 18 to 40.

If you are thinking, how can I register for e-Sharam? Go to your nearest CSC center for more details with passport size picture and Aadhar card and the rest he will create account on e-Sharam government.

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