Difference Between Modi Government And Congress Government (2022 Analysis)

Dr. Manmohan Singh was the last Prime Minister of India, and now Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. From 2004 to 2013, he led the country when he was prime minister.

When Indian PM Modi took office in 2014, he was already in charge. Both of them have done a great job with their jobs during this time. But now, we’ll talk about how to work and who is leading the country the best.

Which Government Is a Better Modi Government OR Congress Government?

There are many aspects to understand the difference Between Modi Government And Congress Government.

In the last few months, economic statistics in general and GDP figures have been called into question, and they became even more important in January when the GDP growth rate for 2016-17 was revised up to 8.2%, the highest rate since 2011-12.

In India, most people don’t think the economic performance of the Modi government is better than the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh anymore.

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Poll results show that most people believe the current government’s financial performance is about the same as that of previous Congress-led administrations in terms of how well it is doing.

About 45 percent of 12,021 people who took the India Today Group-Karvy Insights MOTN 2020 survey said that economic policies under the current administration are almost as good as those under the last administration.

More than half of people think the Modi Administration has done better than the administration led by Manmohan Singh.

BJP vs. Congress Development Comparison.

Who has performed better in the past five years in economic growth and development: the Congress or the BJP? ET examines ten socioeconomic characteristics in 12 states controlled by these two parties during the previous five years.

Both portfolios feature leaders and laggards, so none is a cut above the others. “There isn’t much that divides the two,” says Ajay Shah, professor at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy, who broadly agrees with the findings. There is no national government pattern, and each state will have to come up with its answer.”

If the restrictions of this criterion are ignored — it eliminates crimes that are not recorded or documented – the BJP gains ground. The BJP controls three of the five states with the slightest increase in cases filed under the Indian Penal Code.

By contrast, Congress owns all of the bottom states. The BJP, on the other hand, leads both ends of the spectrum when it comes to riots as a proportion of IPC offenses.

Congress vs. BJP Corruption.

During Modi’s time in office, corruption has gotten worse, and people think the Prime Minister isn’t trying to fight it. According to a new survey from CMS, which looked at 13 states.

Difference Between Modi Government And Congress Government.

Difference between Modi government and Congress government

Seventy-five percent of Indian families say that government corruption has either gone up or stayed the same in the last year.

The study looked at 13 states and 11 public services. States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal are some of the ones being looked at.

India is a country where 38 percent of families think more about public services, and another 37 percent believe corruption hasn’t changed.

According to the survey, “at least 27% of families had been cheated at least once when they used any of the 11 public services that the report looked at.”

Which Government Is Better: NDA or UPA?

Both administrations had their share of successes and failures when they were in charge. When elections are coming up, it’s always tempting to look at which administration has done better in the economy.

On the other hand, governments set up rules for how businesses can work, and the changes they make help the economy grow.

If you believe most polls, you’ll be disappointed. The field is still wide open, which means there are conflicting expectations.

There will always be a time gap between policies and their effects, and there will be spillovers. People who don’t follow the rules can also negatively impact over time.

Growth in both countries slowed down in the second half of their five-year terms. If you look at a report from Elara Capital, the UPA was in a lot of trouble because of policy gridlock.

The NDA’s growth was slowed down by demonetization and GST. Near term, the cash economy and the unorganized parts got hit hard.

UPA vs. NDA Government Comparison.

This administration has shown that it is more concerned with making people happy than making things better. It’s not clear how long this welfare model can last without growing the GDP pie.

By looking at important economic indicators, you can see how things are going.

1. GDP went up.

  • In economics, GDP growth is one of the most important things to watch.
  • On the other hand, GDP growth is critical to economic success because it makes the economic pie bigger.
  • This is how it has worked out so far: The Modi government’s average annual GDP growth rate has been just 4.8%, compared to 8.4% during Manmohan Singh’s first seven years in office.

2. Pressures from inflation

  • Inflation has been much better under the Modi government, with the CPI (rural and urban combined) growing at a rate of 4.8% a year since 2014.

3. Farming and food

  • Both regimes saw an average of 3.5 percent growth each year in their first seven years in terms of farming.
  • In 2013-14, agri-exports topped $43 billion, even though agri-exports didn’t reach this level for the seven years that Modi was in office.
  • Because of slow agri-exports and more food being made, food prices are going down.

4. Poverty

The World Bank said this would happen to India’s severe poverty in 2015: 13.4 percent, down from 21.6 percent in 2011-12.

This is based on an international definition of extreme poverty (2011 PPP of $ 1.9 per person per day). In 2015 and 2016, about 28 percent of people lived in multidimensional poverty.

Was Manmohan Singh A Good PM?

Dr. Manmohan Singh, India’s 14th Prime Minister, led the country through a decade of unprecedented growth and development.

India’s economy grew at its fastest rate in history under the leadership of Dr. Singh. Each year, it grew by 7.7% to reach a value of about two trillion dollars.

By 2014, India had risen from tenth place to become the third-largest economy globally, making the lives of many people better.

When Dr. Singh came up with his vision for India, he thought that not only would the country grow at a high rate but that everyone would benefit from it.

This idea was made official when they passed a law that ensured residents had the right to food, education, work, and information. Rights-based protests led by Dr. Singh opened up a whole new era in Indian politics.

Frequently Asked Question.

How is the Indian economy doing?

According to the most recent predictions, the economy would increase between 8.7% and 9.4% in FY 2021–22. The economy is expected to develop faster in the following years, with a growth of 9% in FY 2022–23 and 7.5 percent the next year.

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